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Squadra MDM is a knowledge based and solution driven organization specialized in Product Information Management and Master Data Management. We support our customers in their MDM challenges with services ranging from Strategy up to Execution and Operational improvement. We build a solid Data Management foundation for our customers that drives operational excellence and business value

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Our PIM & MDM capabilities

We offer services & solutions at any stage of your transformation journey, from strategy up to execution and operational improvement

Product Information Management (PIM)

Squadra supports retail companies, wholesale organizations and manufacturers in their Digital Transformation and in improving their overall Customer Experience. We do that by sharing our best PIM practices with these organizations as to how to collect and manage all their product master data in one system for Product Information Management. We help to create one single, trusted version of the truth and ensure the distribution of high quality, consistent product data across all omnichannel initiatives. We offer a wide range of PIM services in every step of your Digital Transformation

Master Data Management (MDM)

High-value, business critical master data is at the heart of every business transaction, process, application and decision. However data is often scattered across the organization (silos) and each department has its own version of the truth. Also the quality of data degrades over time. Key business drivers and processes are then impacted due to inaccurate, missing, duplicated and incomplete master data. We help to define and implement a solid MDM foundation to guard and streamline the way master data is created, enriched, maintained and changed within the company. This will result in one single version of the truth in pursuit of operational excellence. We offer a wide range of MDM services in every step of your Digital Transformation

Master Data Management

The goal of Master Data Management is to enable an organisation to get more value from its data

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