Six steps that help you to turn Digital Transformation into Successful Operation

Squadra achieves results by perfectly balancing the most important elements of every transformation effort: the people running the process, the process itself, the data that fuels the process and the systems supporting it. Central to our approach is the SCOPE+ framework. 

Using Squadra’s SCOPE+ approach our experienced professionals help you to create a complete solution that is fit for purpose. The SCOPE+ model consists of six steps that combined cover the change process. In each stage of this six-step approach, Squadra provides different service offerings that contribute to the success of every stage of the transformation.

1. Strategy and Success Factors

In this step, Squadra acts as a trusted advisor that helps you to develop a fitting Digital Transformation strategy in general or for a specific subdomain. We support you in defining vision and strategy aligned across all departments and organization levels. We define the main goals and identify the critical success factors. The strategy will be translated into multi-year programs and operational plans. In this step we also define the ownership together with the stakeholders.

2. Context and Change Readiness

In many cases customers have already defined their strategy and critical success factors, but do not want to jump into implementation mode. We support them by assessing the current situation in terms of organisation, governance, processes, data, and systems. We can also help you to build the business case, perfectly outlining the costs and potential benefits of certain improvements or support you by measuring the quality of your data. At the end of this stage we have a clear understanding of all benefits, enablers and success factors.

3. Outline solution

Based on the outcomes of the earlier steps, we translate your vision and business requirements into the most reliable solution for data, processes, tools and capabilities. We also help you to select and review the right software vendors (RfP).

4. Project definition

In this phase of the project, we make sure the project heads in the right direction by creating a clear project structure and defining key project ingredients like scope, planning, activities, milestones and potential risks.

5. Execution and Evaluation

In the final step of the SCOPE+ approach, everything falls into place and the project is executed. We provide program and project management services to ensure a smooth execution. Depending on the project, we use a stage-gate approach or a more agile way of working. After the project has been delivered, we take the time to evaluate.

6. Optimization and Continuous improvement

While talking to customers we have notified that organisation fall back to old habits (old processes, wrong use of systems, etc.) and management concludes that the benefits have not paid of as expected or foresee there is room for additional benefits. We support organisations by means of our maturity scans, identifying the weak spot and blocking factors and turning this in a concrete improvement plan.

We support our customers at any stage in their digital transformation

SCOPE+ provides a clear transformation path. That being said, we don’t need to run the whole six-step program from beginning to end in order to be successful. We support our customers at any stage in their digital transformation.