Watch our webinar with Qonqord and Squadra to gain useful insights from workflow consultancy experts on how to optimize your content supply chain.

Qonqord and Squadra are expert firms that have joined efforts to help organizations optimize their workflows and achieve greater efficiency in managing their content. In this webinar, they will help you to resolve the challenges around creating an efficient content supply chain and maintaining content accuracy and consistency, and they will show a use case that will help you understand how manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers can leverage the power of content orchestration to save time, money, and resources.

If your organization is struggling with:

  • Creating and controlling visual content
  • Increasing confusion and complexity between teams
  • Time-consuming content approval processes
  • Inconsistent content undermining your brand
  • Content duplication and disconnection
  • Chaotic processes that can’t scale
  • Risks to accuracy and schedules

then this webinar is for you!

More information about this webinar’s topic

Similar to the retail industry, manufacturers and wholesalers need to manage a wide variety of digital assets, including product images, descriptions, product packaging, catalogs, brochures, and point-of-sale materials and link them to relevant product data from PIM systems, Excel documents or ERP solutions. It is also necessary for them to be able to publish or make available the aforementioned product and marketing-related digital assets (sometimes in multilingual versions) to brand websites, e-commerce websites, dealer-distributor portals, apps, intranet, etc.

The benefit of having a single source of truth for managing digital assets and a content creation set of tools to support the creation and management of product-related collateral is crucial for maintaining brand consistency and collaboration with internal stakeholders (sales, purchasing, product management, category management, etc.) and external stakeholders (customers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors, etc.). There is also a far greater advantage to connecting these main content management systems with the product data, for optimizing the whole content creation process, maintaining better consistency, and removing manual and time-consuming tasks by bypassing processes.

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