Readily available, good quality data is seen today as the core of successful business operations. The challenge is for the MDM organization to be able to keep up with the increasing demands and pace of change within the company in an effective and efficient manner. Can the Lean principles, once conceived by Toyota in the last century, perhaps offer a solution here and what role can Artificial Intelligence play in this? This is what the expert group ‘Master Data Management’, led by Squadra, Youwe and PimCore, has investigated. They have shared the insights from this research in a bluepaper.

Takeaways from this bluepaper

  1. The Lean MDM model is an excellent capstone for discussing the importance and quality of MDM organization and systems.
  2. The use of AI makes MDM more lean: it saves human work and provides more and better information.
  3. The Lean MDM Survey is a good way to map the quality MDM within one’s own company and benchmark it against other companies.
  4. Completion of the survey by the expert group members makes it clear that companies struggle with visualizing the results (KPIs) as a basis for continuous improvement. They score best on capturing product information in one place.

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