More and more companies see Product Information as a precondition for the ability to offer optimal Customer Experience and subsequently sell products. Product Information Management (PIM) is finally getting the attention it deserves. There has been a clear increase in the number of companies introducing advanced PIM systems. Since the demand emerges from consumers, retailers and wholesalers are often further ahead than manufacturers when it comes to PIM. Next to defining the right data model, it is crucial to set up smart and efficient processes and to create a PIM / MDM organization and governance model. This year, in accordance with previous research, it appears that there is still a lot of manual work being done on the product content. However, more data is being received from data pools, resulting in a decrease in the number of individual data feeds. Just as in the previous research, the concern for good data quality is undiminished and with the ever-expanding amount of content, efficiency in the processing of product data is an important reason to choose an advanced PIM solution. This report contains the results of the Squadra 2017 survey and provides an overview of the status quo of PIM in the Netherlands: 66 different B2B and B2C companies, ranging from manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, participated in this survey. Where there are clear differences with our research of two years ago, this is explained textually and / or schematically.

You can download the report below, however, unfortunately there is only a Dutch version available.

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