Are you looking to do a proper PIM system selection for your organization? The importance of good product data in an increasingly digital world is becoming greater. And while, in addition to a well-fitting PIM system, you also need appropriate data structures, processes, and people nowadays, a fit-for-purpose PIM system remains an important prerequisite for organizations to efficiently manage their product data processes, make their data available omnichannel, and extract the maximum value from their data.

However, with hundreds of PIM systems on the international market, it can be difficult to find the right system that meets your specific needs. This is especially true when parties rename their systems to PxM or MultiDomain MDM systems. Parties like Gartner, Forrester, and Ventana compare a limited number of PIM systems in a general sense*, but we know from experience that each customer has specific characteristics and unique needs. For that reason, customization is required, and Squadra is the only organization in the Netherlands that can provide independent advice on selecting the right PIM system. We use our longlist of about 20 most commonly used PIM systems in the Benelux, including: Akeneo, Connectingthedots, ContentServ, IBM InfoSphere, Informatica Product360, InRiver, Perfion, PimCore, SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybrid PCM), Salsify, SRC, Stibo STEP, Syndigo (which has acquired Riversand), Tibco, and Viamedici.

* Unfortunately, Gartner has stopped publishing the Magic Quadrant for PIM systems and now only has a Magic Quadrant for MDM solutions. However, PIM and MDM solutions are very limited in their comparability.

Checklists for PIM system selection

For over 10 years, we have been working with our clients to create Request-for-Proposals (RFPs) for PIM and MDM systems. Through this experience, we have developed a unique checklist with over 400 potential requirements that cover all the important aspects. In addition to requirements and desires related to functionality and data structures, the checklist also includes architecture and technology as well as questions about the software vendor and technical implementation partner.

This checklist not only helps to get a complete understanding of your own requirements in a very efficient manner but also ensures that different departments have a common understanding of a PIM system and what is and isn’t within the scope of a PIM system, an important prerequisite for a successful implementation. We have already successfully applied this unique Squadra approach more than 40 times, making us the market leader in the Benelux in this area for several years.

With our complete PIM toolkit, we have developed a proven approach that allows the PIM system selection to be completed in an average of 8 weeks.

Checklist for PIM system selection

Sneak peek: RFP checklist

Click on the image on the left to enlarge. here you can see a small snippet of the hundreds of questions we go over to ensure you have the best fitting PIM system for your needs.


See below what is included in our toolkit:

  • Slidedeck for introducing PIM.
  • Expert requirements checklist RFP.
  • Pre-filled template for the RfP document itself, including examples of demo’s and use cases.
  • Financial estimate template, which makes offers from PIM suppliers financially net-to-net comparable.
  • Backlog planning template for System Integrator which provides immediate insight into expected implementation activities.
  • A “reader” that helps analyze proposals and provides guidelines for evaluation.
  • Score template with weighting factors to arrive at a well-founded and weighted score. This includes an in-depth comparison between alternative PIM systems based on both our own judgment and that of Squadra.

Now you may be wondering about the costs. Customers tell us that this is very reasonable. Especially if you know that Squadra supports you in price negotiations. Additionally, after many active years in this domain we know the pricing bandwidths of most PIM suppliers. As you can imagine, the costs are more than worth it!

Squadra has been using this successful approach not only to guide the selection of a PIM system. We also aid with the selection of a DAM, MDM (including Multi-domain), CRM, eCommerce platform, and Pricing & Promotion tool to effectively assist customers in making the right choice.

Are you looking for the right PIM system, or one of the other systems mentioned above, that meets your specific needs? Or would you like to know more about our toolkit or checklist? Contact Squadra and we will be happy to assist you.