In collaboration with, Squadra has developed a free e-learning module where you learn what PIM is, what PIM can mean for your organization, what you should pay attention to when introducing PIM, and whether PIM is a good choice for your company. is!


Start with PIM

You may recognise it for your organisation: the information about your products is not consistent on different sales channels. As a result, customers will see different information in the store than in the webshop. You can counteract this fragmentation of product information with the help of Product Information Management (PIM).

But where do you start? How do you improve your data quality? What is involved with PIM when you have made the decision to start working with it? How do you set it up? This e-learning will update your PIM knowledge in about 60 minutes!

The basics

What is PIM?

Why is PIM essential for your omnichannel organization?

The four focus areas

Develop a data model

Choose a PIM system

Set up the PIM processes

Shape your PIM organization and governance

Now you!

Setting up your PIM data model

Implement your PIM system

Define your PIM processes

Set up your PIM organization and governance structure

No time to do the e-Learning?

You don’t have the time to follow the full e-Learning, but you want to learn more about data and PIM? We have collected the most important information especially for you. The summary (in Dutch) can be downloaded via the contact form below!

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 PIM specialists

In this e-learning you will learn from our colleagues Jos Schreurs and Onno Cleijpool. Jos is co-founder and partner of Squadra, where he focuses on strategic PIM issues, among other things. Onno has been an associate within Squadra since the start and has been passionately working on PIM assignments for over 15 years.

Feel free to contact us!

If you have additional questions as a result of this eLearning or if you would like to make an exploratory appointment about PIM systems, setting up a data model, setting up smart processes for obtaining data from suppliers, or any other PIM related topic, please contact Jos Schreurs below!

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