On Tuesday December 8th, our colleagues Roger Wegh and Mark Cartigny presented the webinar “The Business Challenges of Master Data Management!”. Together with Lenno Maris of Friesland Campina, the various challenges faced by many companies in the field of MDM were discussed in more detail. 

Due to the increased importance of digitization and data-driven decision-making, Master Data Management is now high on the agenda of many organizations. Now that more attention is being paid to (master) data, it appears that it is often spread over many sources and departments. This results in incomplete data and inconsistencies. In short, the quality of data is often insufficient. By improving the quality of master data, disruptions in business processes can be prevented and the reliability of information provision can be increased. In addition, the quality of master data is crucial now that data analytics is gaining ground. Getting the data quality up to standard appears to be very difficult in practice. The complexity of the growing amount of data results in both organizational and technical challenges. Organizations will therefore have to use the right means to be successful. In addition to having a clear vision and strategy, it is important to gain insight into the most important business drivers (objectives) and challenges in the field of data management for your organization. After all, then you know which bridge to build. 


This webinar takes a closer look at the various challenges faced by many companies in the field of Master Data Management. What impact does this have on the quality of data and thus on business operations? What resources can one use to realize the business drivers or (strategic) objectives? We look at how Friesland Campina deals with this on the basis of a practical case. 

Key take-aways 

Insight into the most important “business challenges” that many organizations encounter when managing master data and improving data quality. 

Overview of common business drivers for which good data management is a precondition. 

What to do to influence C-level level in your organization. 

Practical example of what Friesland Campina is doing to overcome its business challenges. 

For whom? 

The webinar could be helpful for both the business clients and IT. CIO, ICT manager, CDO, Head data / Master data manager, Head BI, CMO, Marketing manager, COO, E-Commerce manager, MDM specialist, Business Information Manager, Information architect.