What is MDM

One of the most effective methods to guarantee the quality of data is master data management or MDM. MDM is the process of creating and managing a single, accurate, and consistent version of an organization’s most important data, such as from customers, products, suppliers, and employees. MDM helps organizations to merge and standardize their data from different sources and systems into one reliable source of truth. By reducing data inconsistencies and errors and improving operational efficiency, companies can make more informed decisions and gain competitive advantage.

MDM encompasses a range of activities including data profiling, data cleansing, data integration, data governance and data quality management. The primary goal of MDM is to ensure that all key data assets are accurate, consistent, and up-to-date across an organization. MDM is especially important when there is a large amount of data and accuracy and detail are lacking. Data quality issues or outdated data can be addressed through MDM enabling organizations to pursue their data ambitions. It also speeds up product delivery, making MDM an excellent tool from a competitive and business perspective.

Why does a data-driven organization need MDM

A data-driven organization is an organization that uses data to guide decision making and strategy development. In a data-driven organization, data drives strategic decisions at all levels and functions of the organization that drive business performance and results. Data-driven organizations use data to identify opportunities, measure performance and make informed decisions. This includes collecting, analyzing and interpreting data from various internal and external sources.

To become a data-driven organization, companies need to invest in data infrastructure, prioritizing data management. Master data management is the way to ensure the quality, accuracy and consistency of the data. Squadra MDM helps define and implement a solid MDM foundation to monitor and streamline the way master data is created, enriched, maintained and modified. This will lead to one version of the truth in which we strive for Operational Excellence. MDM is the way to help an organization on its way to a data-driven organization. The benefits of this are many, including improved decision making, increased operational efficiency, better customer insights and improved innovation. By using data in a strategic way, organizations can achieve better results and gain a competitive advantage in their market.

Squadra MDM

The Squadra MDM team has in-depth knowledge and experience in all areas of Master Data Management. By using our SCOPE framework, we help organizations create one version of the truth as a precondition for success. Squadra MDM achieves results by striking a perfect balance between the four most important elements of any transformation effort: the data itself, the business processes, the supporting systems and the organization, including its people and capabilities, as well as the organizational structure and governance.

Using Squadra’s SCOPE © approach and MDM framework ©, we help to create a complete solution that is fit for purpose. SCOPE offers a clear transformation path. That said, it is not always necessary to go through all the steps of our approach to be successful. We support our clients at every stage of their digital transformation. In every phase of our approach, Squadra offers various services that contribute to a successful implementation of MDM.

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