High-value, business critical master data is at the heart of every business transaction, process, application and decision. However data is often scattered across the organization (silos) and each department has its own version of the truth. Also the quality of data degrades over time. Key business drivers and processes are then impacted due to inaccurate, missing, duplicated and incomplete master data. We help to define and implement a solid MDM foundation to guard and streamline the way master data is created, enriched, maintained and changed within the company. This will result in one single version of the truth in pursuit of operational excellence and to get more value from the data.

“The goal of Master Data Management is to enable an organisation to be more efficient, get more value from its data and provide an optimal customer experience”

Overcome the challenges of MDM

The amount of data in companies is growing rapidly, as is the amount of systems and processes that need to use that information. Therefore companies often face challenges due to complex system landscapes, scattered data (silos), data entry in multiple processes and applications, lack of integrated processes, no clear data definitions, limited mastering on data, uncontrolled data changes, lack of data ownership and so on. This leads to all kinds of data quality issues like inaccurate, inconsistent, duplicated and fragmented data with a huge impact on the business. This results in mistakes, a lack of trust in the system, lots of expensive and time-consuming manual work, supply chain inefficiencies, customer loyalty suffering, bad financial consolidation and ineffective marketing efforts. MDM guards and streamlines the way master data is entered, processed, guarded, and changed within the company, resulting in one single version of the truth and enabling different departments and systems to stay synced regarding their crucial data.

Business drivers for a MDM solution:

  • Omnichannel consistency
  • Segmented value propositions
  • Improved customer insights
  • Increased loyalty and CLTV
  • Higher marketing effectiviness
  • Improved time to market
  • Improved spend analysis
  • First time right creation of Customers, Products, Suppliers, Assets etc.
  • Efficient(supply) operations (les manual work and re-work)
  • Reduction of returns
  • Reduced integration costs
  • Reduced compliancy risks
  • Data driven decision making and accurate reporting
  • Speed up M&A integrations

“Master Data Management is used to define and manage the critical data of an organization to provide one single version of the truth”

Our MDM Services

The Squadra team has profound knowledge and experience in all areas of Master Data Management. By using our SCOPE framework, we help you to create one version of the truth, setting the stage for success. Squadra achieves results by perfectly balancing the four most important elements of every transformation effort: the data itself, the business processes, the supporting systems, and the organization, including its people and capabilities, as well as the structure and governance.

Using Squadra’s SCOPE© approach and MDM framework© we help you to create a complete solution that is fit for purpose. SCOPE provides a clear transformation path. That being said, we don’t need to run the whole five-step program from beginning to end in order to be successful. We support our customers at any stage in their digital transformation. In each stage of this five-step approach, Squadra provides different service offerings that contribute to a successful implementation of MDM.


Strategy contains the following services:

Development Vision and Strategy
Trusted Advisor & Engagement

Change Readiness

Change Readiness contains the following services:

MDM Maturity Assessment
Gap / Fit Analysis
Business Case Development
Data Quality Assessment

Outline Solution

Outline Solution contains the following services:

MDM Business Requirements definition
Definition of Outline Solution Architecture
Software selection (RfP)
Vendor Review
Job profile definition

Project Definition

Project Definition contains the following services:

Definition of Project Initiation Document / Project plan
PMO support
Setup project Organisation and RACI

Execution & Evaluation

Execution & Evaluation contains the following services:

Program- and Project Management
PMO support
Resourcing MDM related skills
Benefits Management

Data Management Maturity Quickscan

Onze Data Management Maturity Quickscan omvat aspecten zoals de data Visie & Strategie van uw bedrijf, Governance & Organisatie, Data Processen en andere relevante aspecten van Data Management.

Deze Maturity scan is bedoeld voor deskundigen op het gebied van gegevensbeheer binnen uw bedrijf en zal u en uw bedrijf van het volgende voorzien:

  • Een high-level beoordeling van uw bestaande Data Management maturity.
  • Een overzichtelijke diagram die de status per aspect op het gebied van Data Management weergeeft.


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