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Master Data Management 2021

The Master Data Management expert group is participating again this year, led by Squadra and Youwe. They will work on the research question:

Can the Lean principles, once devised by Toyota in the last century, perhaps provide a solution here, and what role can Artificial Intelligence play?

Wim Griffioen

Partner, Squadra

Meindert Boorsma

Associate, Squadra

Peter Pottinga

Associate, Squadra

Angélique Vervloet

Associate, Squadra


In 2021, more than 570 ShoppingTomorrow experts, divided into 22 expert groups, will have studied various topics related to online and offline shopping behavior in the b2b and b2c markets. These bluepapers, written by professionals in the market, will give you practical tips, insights and best practices to help you push your boundaries and take your company a step further towards the optimal customer experience.  

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MDM Expert Group 2021

We are proud to present the companies that are part of the MDM Expert group 2021.

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